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Our Cypress Water Heater Repair Team Is Ready!

Our Cypress water heater repair Our Water Heater Repair Team in Cypress Installs New Water Heatersdivision focuses on conventional water heaters. Sure we do the occasional repair on tankless systems but for the most part tankless systems don't need nearly as much TLC as the conventionals do. We spend a great deal of time diagnosing and repairing older American Standard and AOSmith tanks and putting replacement anodes in GE and Bradford White models. By far the biggest problem that we have with conventional water heaters is that people don't call us until something catastrophic is about to happen. So we've put together a guide of things that you should check at least every 6 months so you don't end up with a very costly fix.

Problems With Your System?

Every traditional conventional water heater Our Water Heater Repair Team Can Solve Your Problemruns the risk of rusting from the inside out. To combat this, designers placed a sacrificial anode rod in the system to handle the rust causing elements. This anode slowly disintegrates and leaves sediment behind. This sediment, if heated, can become a hard scale substance. This scale can cover the base of a water heater or the electric heating element and cause irregular heating. If enough scale builds up around the heat source it can cause the water near the heater to become superheated and result in scalding hot water and extreme pressure inside the tank. If you hear a popping sound, smell a rotten egg odor in your water or are simply not getting as much hot water as you used too, your sacrificial anode may need to be replace and your tank flushed of the built up sediment.

How's Your Thermostat?

Thermostats are another area that we sLet Our Cypress Water Heater Experts Help Todayee a lot of repair work in. Thermostats can fail for any number of reasons but they always have the same effect – improperly heated water. If the thermostat reads too low, the water in your tank will get heated too hot and use extra energy while if it is reading too high you'll never be able to get enough hot water for your morning shower. Our Cypress water heater repair team has seen this types of failures time and again.

While there are hundreds of things that can go wrong with a hot water heater, the most dangerous one is a faulty T&P valve. This is the temperature and pressure release valve that allows the tank to vent out water if it gets too hot or if the pressure gets to high. The entire purpose of this piece is to prevent your water heater from exploding. This valve should be checked periodically. Simply lift the valve cover to see if water flows out. If it does, everything is working fine. Just be very careful when doing this as the water inside the water heater is extremely hot and can cause burns.

If you are having issues with any part of your water heater or plumbing system, call our Cypress plumbing team and we'll get someone over right away to handle it.